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INSYSPAY Training Management Software provides complete support to the entire gamut of training management system in a company. From deciding the budget of the training to maintaining the attendance report of participants, this software keeps track of the whole process. This software will aid the HR personnel to perform the following functions in a smooth manner:

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Budget For Training

Budget is the basic ingredient upon which the entire plan of the training is crafted. In a financial year, an HR has to schedule various trainings for the manpower of the company. In this regard, our software plays a very significant role. For a particular financial year, it aids the HR to fix the budget for trainings covering a specific period of time.

Training Group Member

This is another very striking feature of our software. It aids the HR personnel to fix the number of employees that are participating in the training process. Simply by feeding data like department name, company name, addresses etc the entire the list of employees of the particular section will be displayed. From that list, the person concerned can make the selection and take action accordingly.

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Training Course

This software helps the HR to ascertain the module of the training program highlighting the topics to be covered. The software user interface displays options like course name, description, concerned designation, etc. By feeding the required data the whole training module can be prepared.

Training Agency

This feature of the training software aids the HR personnel to prepare the complete database of the agency offering the training. Our software user interface displays options like name of the agency, address, course name, etc. By adding the information, the database can be prepared. This will also facilitate smooth tracking process.

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HR personnel can now prepare the entire training schedule with ease. Thanks to Insyspay Training Management Software. In this software, the user interface displays option like the name of the training, premises, address, type of training, date, time, name of training agency, etc. By filing the required data, entire training schedule can be prepared very easily investing very less time.

Training Attendance

Maintaining the attendance report of any training programme is made easier by dint of this software. The concerned person should simply feed the desired data to the options displayed in the user interface and generate the report.

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