Appraisal Management Software

Manual tracking can be wrong most of the times. Due to this reason, companies across the world are relying on software to track performance. Insyspay comes with various features which make performance tracking easy. This software stores data regarding employee performance. Because it is easy to use, human resource department can derive ample benefits by using it. Goal setting and revising, coaching, development and planning, everything can be tracked using Insyspay. This is a complete appraisal tracking solution designed to ease the difficulties of human resource job.

Appraisal Category / Criteria

It helps the management is calculating and storing the exact amount of appraisal received by an employee. Even the employee can check for himself/herself the amount. Inputting the appraisal category, the rating text and the rating value the amount can be seen. The details can be checked anytime.

Appraisal Magement Software
Appraisal Magement Software Sollution in Ahmedabad

Employee Appraisal Calculation

The software Insyspay helps the management to calculate the amount that should be received by the employee. Inputting the employees’ name, and filling up the work output level, quality of work level and job knowledge level the calculation can be done. The total percentage along with the amount is displayed in the screen. This can be saved for further reference.

Employee Appraisal List

For an employee it gets very easy to know the total amount that they have got. They get to see the total appraisal rate and the amount in a complete business year. This is helpful for the organization because they can keep a track record of all together permanently. Whenever required they can produce it in paper.

Employee Performance Management System India
Performance Management Software System India

Create and Assign Goal

Allocation is a task every manager goes through with difficulties. Insyspay helps in goal allocation by storing employees’ names and the allocated tasks to them. The management easily distributes the job and gives a deadline to the employees. The employees can check as to which work is assigned to them and the deadline.

Goal Appraisal / Incentive

The software Insyspay is installed with numerous facilities which help an organization in maintaining their employees properly. Appraisal helps in keeping the employees happy. It is obvious to maintain a proper documentation of the appraisal. With the help of this software any employee, by typing his name and goal can get the details about incentive. The employees can see what amount they have received on their successful discharge of duty.

Payroll Magement Software Sollution in Gujarat
Payroll Magement Software in Ahmedabad

Goal Incentive List

Who has earned how much from their performance can be tracked using this software as well. With its huge storage system, work gets easy and human resource department can measure performance with quick ease. Even the employees can individually check the amount of incentive that they are supposed to receive.

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